GF 가이드 맵 이미지
아쿠아플라넷 계곡 이미지
Aqua Valley

In the Aqua Valley tank where the cool water falls, lives the Australian lungfish and the Eastern long-necked turtle, which are often referred to as living fossils. The Australian lungfish has a well-developed lung, making it possible for it to breathe outside the water. The Eastern long-necked turtle looks like a smart student wearing glasses.

수달 행성 이미지
Otter Planet

The Asian small-clawed otter has a small and cute set of nails. As a nocturnal animal, it usually takes a nap during the day. If you don't see these animals at first, look closely under the trees and you will see them sleeping there in groups!

아쿠아플라넷 가든 이미지
Aqua Planet Garden

This is a healing space that resembles a watercolor with peacefully swimming fish between green seaweed. The gold crossback is known as a lucky fish that brings wealth and good fortune.

골든 미라클존 이미지
Golden Miracle Zone

Enjoy lucky energy at the "Golden Miracle Zone" inhabited by the jellyfish, an ancient marine animal that began living on Earth even earlier than the dinosaurs. Watch these charming jellyfish to feel your own sense of lucky!

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