For us, "Aqua"refers to the magnificence of the ocean and
an encounter between marine science and people,
while "planet" refers to the hands-on exploration of space:
cutting-edge concepts available only at <Aqua Planet>.

<Aqua Planet> is the largest aquarium
in the city area near the Goyang Hallyu-world site.
We are the first aquarium to offer an indoor zoo
in our 4-story complex.
Aqua Planet is located at the center of Ilsan’s main attractions,
including Ilsan Lake Park and Kintex,
visited by over 14 million people yearly.
The aquarium is home to 325 marine and
terrestrial creatures from all around the world,
a place where visitors find themselves
in the company of sea elephants,
jaguars, ring-tailed lemurs, and hyacinth macaws.

<Aqua Planet> boasts the largest complex in the capital area
(total floor area 14,660m², 4300 tons of water in the tank).
The structure is approximately four times bigger than 63 Sea World,
and provides hands-on observation facilities featuring
a large water tank (up to 2000 tons),
44 smaller water tanks, 9 animal breeding facilities,
and a bird breeding farm. Showcase areas include:
"Deep Blue Sea", a large water tank featuring <Aqua Dream>
a performance combining a synchronized show and video;
"Ocean Arena", offering an ecology presentation;
and "Parrot Village", where visitors can commune with parrots,
and other interesting and informative areas.